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When an interest hits us that we want to learn more about there are often two words that come to mind “Google It”. That is what I just did with the interest of travel writing, and of course there is an abundance of information that busted on my screen in less than a second after hitting the search button. How is one to even search through this information?

I guess it is best to start with websites that looks legit and that seems to offer useful information. As of right now I am trying to figure out what it is I need to do to start becoming acquainted with travel writing. MatadorU, a new media school for travelers, offers an article titled How to become a travel writer (seriously)The article offers 22 tips which I think are worth considering and hey tip #3 is to start a blog, got that check mark! Beyond this article, MatadorU offers many more articles related to travel writing, this one article is just the tip of the iceberg. MatadorU originated from The Matador; a network of the most popular travel websites that consist of different websites all focusing on different aspects of travel. Here is a review from MatadorU’s first graduate and a direct link to his blog.

Another blog I came across is kept by a journalist who is currently traveling through Africa. Alexis Grant’s blog offers an inside experience of what it is like to be a traveling writer. Blogs such as Alexi’s and other traveling writers is great to search through since it offers perspective  and challenges of which the writers have come to gain knowledge from.

After researching travel writing for a while, I’m realizing that there is much to learn. This is all very exciting but perhaps after doing some more research on MatadorU’s travel writing course, it may be something to consider enrolling in.

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